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Muay Thai Ventura

Are you new to Martial Arts?

Are you looking for one of the best Self-Defense Systems on the planet?

(It’s also a great workout)

Then Our Muay Thai Ventura Program Is For You!

Muay Thai is a martial art that was developed on the battlefields of Thailand during a time of warfare in South East Asia and is practiced till this day for fitness, self-defense, and combat sports. Muay Thai has gained a lot of popularity, but was always lumped in as “Kickboxing”, which it is a completely different art.

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Better Than Kickboxing!

Though they are similar in nature (they both use their hands and their feet, they will both get you in fighting shape) Muay Thai is vastly different. In Muay Thai, we not only use our hands and our feet, we also use our elbows and our knees as weapons to strike with. This not only gives you more options for self-defense tools but forces you to use your whole body during training sessions. You’ll learn to use all 8 weapons in our Muay Thai Ventura program!

Read What Our Students Have To Say!


“At first I was just looking for something new to experience, something to help me get stronger, a way of learning some self-defense. What I have been receiving is more than what I could have asked for. Jonathan is skilled, patient, and motivating. He is always vibrant with positive energy (which comes a long way when you’re a 32 year old working mom).

The environment that Coach Jonathan has created is welcoming and so is everyone else that comes to train. Everyone is there to learn, we all try our best, and we all respect the different levels of experience.”

-Sam Flynn, Ventura, CAChild Care Specialist & Mother Of Two

Muay Thai fighters are some of the best conditioned athletes on the planet!

We train people of all ages in our Muay Thai Ventura program, from ages 3 to 73. Our program is catered to your individual goals and needs, while maintaining a fun and productive environment.

 About Our Head Instructor & Founder

Our head instructor, Jonathan Pu’u, a native to the City of Ventura and is one of the most qualified Muay Thai practitioners and instructors in the area! He has traveled and fought in Thailand under some very prestigious trainers and Muay Thai gyms. He brings this PROFESSIONAL & HIGH QUALITY training and instruction to your backyard. Jonathan maintains being an active Muay Thai fighter while instructing his students of all different ages, sizes and GOALS. His philosophy on training is that martial arts (Muay Thai specifically) can benefit people of all ages, shapes, and sizes.