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Muay Thai Fight – Clinch, Throws, and Sweeps

A big part of any Muay Thai Fight is clinching, throws, and sweeps… Well depending on you is fighting, but they are things that typically happen in a Muay Thai Fight. Clinching in Muay Thai is very important, it’s one of few things that can completely shut a person down if they don’t know how to defend while engaged in it. It’s also a great tool for self-defense, as a persons size doesn’t matter as much in the clinch if you know the correct techniques.

2 Responses to Muay Thai Fight – Clinch, Throws, and Sweeps

  1. muay thai clinch throws ?

    can you pummel and hand fight like a greco roman wrestler ?

    g-r is much like thai clinch entries… you must accept and beleave this .

    there are about five different allowed and used methods of throws from clinch .

    1)first group is over hook– plaaam. single or double collar ties.

    2)next is belly 2 belly .upper- mid- lower=back crack position

    3)mixed grip . i have called half love vs body lock full love .

    4) ***half over collar and other hand on bicept – c-grip-some will call this meat hook-swand grip . cobra grip.!!!
    this is the most desirable grip because you can stear or move into elbow and more.

    you must learn to pummel and hand fight -TRANSITION OUT OF THESE GRIPS.
    slow and light weight pressure -grippings..

    if you cant find a partner to practice with lift weights . bumbells and kettle weights- non-stop for five minute sets..
    them middel eastern wrestlers use indian clubs and spin them all about the body -over head and around for

    strength conditioning.

    GRECO clinch aids every thing about muay thai clinch..

    lets talk about CLINCH throws .

    1 ) there is a knee bump lead in to pull type throw- this is like the one bukow does.
    this is for a fast nimble fighter only. learn about push pull hand action for throws.

    2) there is a leveraged throw -fulcrum , where you place your knee aside of the opponets thigh just above the knee

    cap and pull them. YOU MAY NEED TO FORCE AND FALL DOWN ON TOP OF THEM-if fulcrum action is

    ineffective or failed..

    3) twist throw -mostly from body lock .
    4) pull down -sit down throw. MOVING FORWARD OR BACKWARD HELPS. backwards is much like a lateral

    drop but has a knee entry ..

    5) from double collar tie-plumm twist an arm and stear the apponent step direction to twist quickly and jerk

    there head down.
    the majority of the time a knee is a predesessor -lead in and PLANTED in the proper place for the next action to

    therefore you must have and use a good round knee and PLACE it next to the opponents thigh and explode into

    you next move.


  2. thanksgiving and i give clinch moves to all whom can learn .

    Dan Gable, the Man behind the Gable Grip.

    one step beyond beginners clinch grips and concepts.


    Underhook to Pinch Headlock Attacks

    Pinch Headlock To Twist throw.

    Push pull bump throw muay thai.


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